As part of my final BA project at SAE Institue (2014), I co-produced, engineered & distributed a total of 10 singles with Julian Michel. The imprint “Homeland” would mark the label under which the tracks would be distributed. Resources, production and “logistics” were all managed by myself including:


  • Resource & Studio Management
  • Creating instrumentals & songwriting (Love Me, Shady, EAST, If you Don’t Know etc.)
  • Recording, Mixing & Mastering (incl. clean edits) (DT990 Pro, Yamaha hs7, Pro Tools, Ableton & “In the box” processing)

Graphic Design:

  • Desert photo shoots with Dubai-based photographer
  • Cover art for singles (All PSD)
  • Logos (in conjunction with SAE graphic department)
  • Banners & Icons (specific for each social media channel)
  • Website adjusted graphical assets


  • In-Built Store with PayPal gateway (Incl. promotional systems “like/share page to get free song” etc.)
  • Layout and Theme design configurations (revolution slider, visual composer etc.)
  • SEO & performance optimisation (keyword research, caching, inbound/outbound links)
  • Mailchimp and contact form setup (Incl. mailing accounts setup for team members)

Internet Marketing:

  • Facebook campaign to key audience (researched using Nextbigsound data)
  • Soundcloud campaign (negotiating showcase on popular channels for “spotlighting”)
  • Blog & Magazine campaign (negotiating 3rd party marketers to feature singles on blogs & magazines)
  • SM Content management (videos, audio, images & text)

Finance & Distribution:

  • Distribution of singles to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. via DistroKid
  • Youtube monetization and Shazam integration
  • Purchase link monitoring and management with SmartURL
  • Finance reporting & basic accounting (google spreadsheets)

Final submission and showcasing received great feedback with tutors and colleagues. While we didn’t have a hit song per se we did sell a couple of songs online and created an if “short-lived hype” getting featured in some magazines like “Infusion” & “Indie Speaks”. Julian went on and got signed by Platinum Records (UAE), for which we are currently producing some new material.


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