I’ve worked for a couple of firms on a freelance basis. Duties ranged from live sound, audio production, mixing and mastering for radio and podcasts. Below you will find a short breakdown of each client and involved duties.


This client required a 15-second radio advert for Carmudi.ae which is an online car marketplace. The brief was a rap/hip-hop style conveyance of what carmudi as car marketplace was all about. The beat was sourced from an online catalogue and the rap was written by the marketing manager himself. Recording, mixing and mastering was done by myself and my former studio manager Costas Papa. After comping the takes, we added additional car sound FX swooshing left to right, making sure the message came across. After the final mix, we mastered the track to the loudest standard (which was permissible due to UAE not having any loudness standards).

Beats Live

Beats Live” is an event hosted by MBC’s Platinum Records near the Dubai Mall showcasing their artist’s talent as well as inviting guest speakers like Quincy Jones & DJ Snake to talk about the music industry. The event required backing track and vocal mixes that the local DJs could use to mix with the live feed from the artist’s performances. The instrumental and vocal mixes were done by myself in the box using Pro Tools, then bounced having the vocal -3 dB for each mix. 


This humanitarian association required recorded meetings to be turned into a podcast series accessible through their website. The meetings were recorded using Adobe Connect, and the audio was recorded by the participants themselves. As a result, the audio was severely damaged in most cases due to no technical knowledge of the participants or simply because of connection issues. Dropouts, noise, interferences, distortion had to be treated to create a compelling monetised podcast series. For these purposes, I used Izotopes RX bundle to mitigate mentioned artefacts. The final polish and enhancements were all done in Pro Tools with conventional compression and eq techniques.

Showforce UAE

During new years eve (2014/2015) I had the chance to work for one of the venues hosting the world’s biggest firework. My former colleague Richard Hagan and myself were assigned to work for Madinat’s Pierchic Venue, where we were responsible for setting up the sound and live stage for several cover bands. The live mixing was done using a simple Midas F16 desk.

Tang Arabia

Through Kilma Studios I had the chance to work with a client called “Tang”, which is a soft drink powder manufacturer. The main duty was managing the talent that had to be recorded on set as well as transporting camera equipment, props and the crew. Furthermore, I assisted in location scouting and in the provision of several props.

Public Cafe

Trough Kilma Studios I worked on a Social Media Advert for a Coffee House in Dubai. The brief was a bird view shot of a customer eating a snack while enjoying coffee. There was no sound at all and I was required to do the sound design and final mix for the overall audio assets.


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