As part of several freelance opportunities, I had the chance to work for Short Films & Documentaries. Below you will be able to see snippets or trailers of the material and their relevant description (I’m happy to provide full films if requested):

The Diversion

“The Diversion” is a chase and robbery Short Film, shot in Dubai’s suburbs. The “Bin-Sahli” brothers who produced and directed the movie asked me for production music in relevant scenes. I was able to place urban music that I produced as part of my “Homeland” project into the “Gym Scene” (among others). Further, I recorded on location sound for the “heist planning” scene (Also providing location and props). It was a demanding, but fun experience working with 25+ crew members and the Film premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) in 2015.



“PayPhone” is a short documentary depicting real child abuse cases in the Arab world. Director Shama Ahmad asked me to engineer the ADR recordings for some scenes, which due to sand storms had to be reworked in the studio. Further, I was responsible for editing and sound mixing the final audio assets. The film was submitted to the DIFF in 2015. (Please contact me for longer examples)



“Fragile” is a real-life short documentary about the tragic story of a woman and her abusive relationships. It was shot in Dubai Marina and the producers (Bin-Sahli Brothers) asked me to to the soundtrack. I chose to go for an acoustic and pensive but resolving sound that draws dramatic movement but stays “hopeful”. The sound design was directly done to a brief without having any raw cuts of the film, all sequenced in Ableton Live. You can listen to the audio here.


The Cobbler

“The Cobbler” is an observational short-documentary about Dubai’s suburban bootmakers and repairmen. It was shot by the Bin-Sahli brothers in Bur-Dubai which is the older town of Dubai. I was responsible for the sound design and additional foley enhancements. The Arabic drum samples were sourced from Sonokinetics Kontakt library “sultan drums”, which I then sequenced in Ableton’s MIDI editor. The Neyy flute and vocal were sourced from online production libraries.


These are some key examples showcased, if you’re interested to see more, I’m happy to provide you access to my additional film work.


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